SPICES BECOME MASALA MASALA: Specific blends of spices that are freshly roasted and ground, most masalas are comprised of at least 10 spices. Typical Indian spices are – Ginger-Turmeric-Chilies-Cinnamon-Black Pepper-Nutmeg-Cardamom-Clove-Fennel-Coriander-Mint-Cumin-Mustard seeds-Curry leaves- Ajwain- Saffron.  ~ Our dishes are made with a variety… Read More

Quality oils are key. We’ll be using coconut oil,Ghee, and extra virgin olive oil. According to a study from UC Davis, 69% of olive oil is fake or adulterated. Our source for olive oil is O-Med, a family-owned producer who’s won many… Read More

~ An exploration of traditional Indian flavors, freshly prepared using the finest ingredients from Arkansas and India. ~ A break from the busy world to savor real, healthy, whole Food ~ As in India, drinking many cups of tea adds relaxation and… Read More

The majority of our serving ware is compostable or washable. Our plates are made from sterilized palm leaves and quickly break down in landfills or as compost.