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SPICES BECOME MASALA MASALA: Specific blends of spices that are freshly roasted and ground, most masalas are comprised of at least 10 spices. Typical Indian spices are – Ginger-Turmeric-Chilies-Cinnamon-Black Pepper-Nutmeg-Cardamom-Clove-Fennel-Coriander-Mint-Cumin-Mustard seeds-Curry leaves- Ajwain- Saffron.  ~ Our dishes are made with a variety of house blend Masalas and are mildly spicy. ~ Up the heat volume …

A Day At Khana

~ An exploration of traditional Indian flavors, freshly prepared using the finest ingredients from Arkansas and India. ~ A break from the busy world to savor real, healthy, whole Food ~ As in India, drinking many cups of tea adds relaxation and nutritional value